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#Service #Innovation: The Book

I was THRILLED when these five glossy paperbacks were delivered to my home a few weeks ago! Service Innovation, An eighteen month collaboration with three professors from the CTF Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden, was now tangible. What was it like to collaborate on a book with researchers 6,691 km away? Continue reading

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All Products are #Service – Watch out Small Business?

A central theme in the new book Service Innovation is that “All Products are Service” and that all businesses accordingly should focus on the value-creation and experience of users. A recent blog post notes the phenomena “Everything as a Service” arguing that servicization bodes ill for small business. Continue reading

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The Un-Business-Plan Innovation Contest

A colleague and I agreed to chair the committee to run an innovation competition open to all students in our university. We want to encourage and celebrate the innovation among our students! So how does one design a lean/agile/design-thinking innovation competition???? Our … Continue reading

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New Klout – An Innovation Strategy?

Klout’s ballyhooed new version and business model seems to be lifted entirely from a competitor, Kred. Continue reading

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Real Innovators Ship: Innovation versus Invention

The difference between invention and innovation is illustrated by the well known story of PARC and Apple Computer: PARC invented the key features associated with the Mac; but Apple brought it to market. Continue reading

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Pioneers get arrows in their backs…

Pioneers don’t always win: in fact they don’t usually win! The keys to success are luck, persistence, and continual innovation. Continue reading

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Catch the Wave

How do you catch the wave of technology? Why is Apple so good at it? Ideas from effectuation, Lead Users, probe and learn are considered. Continue reading

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