Eat like Andy – epic or flop?

Thanks to Burger King, Andy Warhol got another 15 minutes of Fame!

Googletrend Andy

Google Trend for Andy Warhol

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2019 survey: the voice of my social media marketing students

I start the semester in my social media marketing classes with a survey of social media use and their perceived issues. My classes comprise juniors and seniors majoring in marketing, communications, design, and management. They are in          a narrow age range and had the interest to sign up for a social media marketing class, but otherwise seem a fairly diverse group of college students. This table sums up the usage of social media reported by the students:

Spring 2019 Social Media Marketing Usage Summary2019 sm use 2 (2)

Instagram and Snapchat have been tops for a while; Snapchat may have lost some momentum based on the past two surveys. Probably the most interesting finding – and one that has been consistent through six years of surveys is that these college students don’t value the number 1 social media site, Facebook, as much as you might expect. Four social media sites rate ahead of Facebook as ones that would be most missed. Facebook is tied for third with Twitter for sites checked daily.

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A Quick #Brandbowl Summary

My Superbowl summary…

Tom B. looked like a fearful rookie in the first half but morphed into the old pro in the fourth quarter. #DaBears could have beaten either of these teams.😎

As for the real action of the Superbowl, it is sort of sad that the best commercial by far was from the NFL itself. The key themes of brand ads seemed to be:

  • Beer is health food,
  • Robots are everywhere but don’t do anything,
  • Advertisers discovered that women watch the SB,
  • We all know “Andy” (wasn’t his 15 minutes in the 60s?), and
  • Addiction is really funny:

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Reinventing & reviving my 11-year-old #blog

On March 28, 2008, I posted my first blog post “My First Webinar” which is what you find at the bottom if you scroll through all the posts on this blog. So I can say I have been blogging for 11 years… sort of.

If you look at the archives on the right of my blog you will see that there were only a couple of posts10 year in 2018 and also not very many in 2017, so talking of my 11 years of blogging is like saying that the two pictures to the left represent my 10-year challenge – yes, but a bit of time is missing!


This post is effectively a relaunch of two blogs – and – that ran for nine years. Both of those blogs had some success and made multiple lists of best blogs in innovation and in social media marketing. In part, because two blogs were too many, I burned out on blogging. But I have the urge to get in pajamas again!

This blog will concern both innovation and social media marketing… with some higher education issues tossed in. I tell my students in my social media marketing class that such a choice is too broad – that with 300,000,000 blogs out there it is necessary to narrow the topic, but fortunately, I am not a student of mine!

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More advice from new #bloggers

A year ago I shared advice from my social media class, 4 weeks into blogging about how to succeed at blogging. I am back, this time with advice from new bloggers 6 weeks into their new passion!

I think that bloggers six weeks into the craft have an interesting perspective: they have tried a variety of approaches but blogging is still new to them.

Some of the suggestions mirror a year ago; others are new. Here is advice from the 32 students in SMM 388-01:

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A Coffee Conversation with a Social Marketer

A while back my daughter and I were having coffee with Caitlyn Scaggs, the founder of Blue Mobius Marketing. At the spur of the moment, I had Kiki record a snippet of the conversation on blogging and content marketing.

I think you can see why I like having her guest lecture my classes.

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Can #Wal-Mart compete with #Amazon?

Two large dominant competitors, such as Kroger vs. Wal-Mart in groceries, is not ideal competition, but I believe it is much better than a single monopoly like the old Ma Bell. Kroger/Wal-Mart, Microsoft/Apple, and Coke/Pepsi were certainly not perfect competition, but innovation continued in those two-way fights. For this reason, I have been hoping that Wal-Mart would get its act together to compete with Amazon online.

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