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PDMA thoughts: Service and Innovation

I have delayed my summary of the PDMA Research Conference, but hopefully the delay helps with perspective… (sound like an ad-hoc rationalization?) The two major themes that still resonate with me a couple weeks later are the call by Gerald … Continue reading

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Open source and “orphan markets”

Open source and Lead Users are recurring ideas in effective NSD. I was interested to read about how an organization (goods-designing) is using both techniques for the good of people with missing limbs… An interesting article in (citing Scientific … Continue reading

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“Fuzzy Rear-End of Service Development”

In today’s post I review some thoughts from the service innovation section of the PDMA Annual Research Conference this past weekend. As noted in Monday’s post, a highlight was an insight provided by Dr. Susan Hart: unlike standard models of … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Front End

Note: a quick overview of the fuzzy front end in new product development, authored by Peter Koen and others, is available on the Steven’s web site:

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A full section on Service Innovation at the PDMA Research Conference

  Students of new product development are aware of the term the “Fuzzy Front-End of NPD”, which describes the less understood process of idea generation (versus the allegedly more rational development process at the end that is better studied and … Continue reading

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