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Top 11 Social Media Sites

It is interesting to browse through the top websites as assessed by Alexa here: TOP Sites Eleven of the top 100 websites are social media sites. (I have also included an estimate of recent total monthly visitors, when I found … Continue reading

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Tsunami in #HigherEd: Social Media and Peer-to-peer

BTW: A post related to the ongoing discussion of the Tsunami in higher education was posted on my other blog: Social Learning and Online #HigherEd

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Social Learning and Online #HigherEd

The key to effective online education will be learning to utilize social media to bring peer-to-peer and social learning online. Continue reading

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Going Broke by Degree – #Higher Ed Tsunami?

There are four big issues facing universities: (1) continuing ballooning costs, (2) a possible bubble due to loans, government policy, and high expected returns, (3) disruptive technology (online MOOCs), and (4) internal resistance to change. Continue reading

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