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Tech “Doodle Blog”

Check out a new “doodle blog” about the worlds of start-ups, high-tech, and social media. Two of its recent posts are in the top twenty this week for blogs on Medium. This is one: (Disclosure: The blogger is my daughter…)

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Buzzkill: Social Media Buzz is Worthless – or is it?

Coke has more Facebook fans than any other company. In a recent study quoted in Ad Age, Coke found that online buzz has no measurable impact on short-term sales. Does social media matter? Continue reading

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Does Facebook CAUSE narcissism?

… or are narcissists just drawn to social media? I started asking this question on Twitter a couple weeks ago, in order to gather some ideas and thoughts from my online friends for this post. Most of the comments suggested … Continue reading

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Can Twitter Enforce New Year Resolutions?

Can twitter help enforce New Year resolutions? In Quitters Inc. if you backslide the organization kidnaps a loved one and tortures them with escalating electric shocks or worse. I plan to use the same simple concept adapted to social media to reinforce my resolutions. Continue reading

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Would you trust your daughter’s beach pics to Zuck?

If you rely primarily on your Facebook page for your organization a good question for you might be: Would you trust your business to Zuck? Continue reading

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Social Learning and Online #HigherEd

The key to effective online education will be learning to utilize social media to bring peer-to-peer and social learning online. Continue reading

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Social Media used to Crowdsource a New Course!


A recording of a presentation at Social Slam 2012.
(Also posted at servicecocreation.com and youtube.)

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Crowdsourcing a New Marketing Course: Social Slam Presentation


From 2012 Social Slam in Knoxville, TN

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Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex are influencing social media!

I have been and continue to be a skeptic of influence measuring, as performed by Klout, PeerIndex, and Kred. I fear the tactics of SEO will come to social media. Continue reading

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Tweeting for 3 years!

I have been tweeting for three years now, producing enough characters to fill 4 books! OMG Continue reading

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