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Using your Social Media Community to innovate

Was Mark Schaefer’s wonderful SocialSlam really eight years ago? I still use my talk about using your social media community to crowdsource innovation in my social media marketing class.  

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Social (Media) Innovation

I am surprised to not be hearing and seeing more about the impact of social media on the innovation process. Aside from crowdfunding and crowdsourcing – both of which are big deals! – I haven’t seen evidence of organizations integrating social media into innovation. Continue reading

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Social Media used to Crowdsource a New Course!


A recording of a presentation at Social Slam 2012.
(Also posted at servicecocreation.com and youtube.)

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Crowdsourcing a New Marketing Course: Social Slam Presentation


From 2012 Social Slam in Knoxville, TN

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Innovation Week in Review – March 18, 2011

Twitter friends helped in the crowdsourcing of a proposal for a new course in social media marketing. Plus a summary of interesting links on innovation, co-creation and social media marketing. Continue reading

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Weird Al and the Internet

Wired magazine has an interesting article about how the internet has affected the career of Weird Al Yankovic. Weird Al is impacted by two trends from the internet: Fragmenting of the market into small segments (Long Tail?) A surplus of amateur … Continue reading

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Why do users collaborate??

Every firm has an IP unit that is looking to protect and harvest the ideas generated within the organization. Patent Trolls are infamous in software and other high tech areas. Why then are users willing to collaborate with firms and … Continue reading

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