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Using your Social Media Community to innovate

Was Mark Schaefer’s wonderful SocialSlam really eight years ago? I still use my talk about using your social media community to crowdsource innovation in my social media marketing class.  

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Pioneers get arrows in their backs…

Pioneers don’t always win: in fact they don’t usually win! The keys to success are luck, persistence, and continual innovation. Continue reading

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Before “Lean Startups” there was “Probe and Learn”

The innovation process underlying lean startups, as described by Eric Ries, seems eerily similar to the Probe and Learn process described by Gary Lynn and colleagues 15 years ago. Continue reading

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Cola Co-creation

Coca-cola has developed new dispensing machines that contain up to thirty flavors that can produce up to 100 different types of soda. The machines can be reset realtime and communicate so that coke can introduce a new soft drink and … Continue reading

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Facebook doesn’t listen to customers

Is it best to ignore your customers? Innovation thought leaders such as von Hippel, Utterback and then Christensen, have written about the risks of listening to customers when trying to innovate. A fellow blogger defended Facebook’s policy to ignore users … Continue reading

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