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Using your Social Media Community to innovate

Was Mark Schaefer’s wonderful SocialSlam really eight years ago? I still use my talk about using your social media community to crowdsource innovation in my social media marketing class.  

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Contextual Knowledge and Sticky Information

For innovation the contextual knowledge and sticky information of users may be the most important data: data that can only be accessed with invasive research techniques such as probe and learn, ethnograhic, experimentation, and effectuation. Continue reading

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Deloitte on Financial Service Innovation

This 2005 article from Deloitte is interesting…(but it is so 2005–premeltdown). A great quote: “Product innovation gives less than three months competitive advantage. Process innovation gives at least 12 months competitive advantage.”                            – Sir John Bond, Chairman HSBC, 2001

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Many Crummy Trials BEAT Deep Thinking: Discussion

 Two related posts in the last month have generated a fair amount of interest: “Many Crummy Trials BEAT Deep Thinking” (4/20) “the cost of trying is lower than the cost of analyzing.” (4/1) — An executive in charge of online … Continue reading

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“Process IS the product”

Service Innovation: Intrinsically Holistic? Process is the Product Ed Furash, a well-know bank consultant, was quoted by a banker I interviewed in my NSD research as saying “In financial services process is the product.” One of the problems with applying … Continue reading

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