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My very favorite #books on #innovation : A to I

I decided to create a list of my 10 favorite innovation books…but came up with 15. It was hard enough to narrow the list to nearly 10 – no way I was going to try to rank order them. So … Continue reading

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WhatsApp is the future; Facebook is history…

tl;dr Facebook was the huge winner of Web 2.0 but doesn’t really fit the mobile age. Despite the advantage of a huge user base, the primary functions of FB — photo and video sharing or text communicating — are better performed on smartphones by specialized apps developed for mobile. The purchases of Instagram and now WhatsApp is an acknowledgement that Facebook itself shares that vision! Continue reading

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Is Facebook about to be DISRUPTED?

Users spending hours a day messaging with friends are not using cellphone minutes or viewing Facebook ads. The threat is not just hypothetical – a study shows that mobile apps are already more used than either Facebook or Twitter in Japan and Korea. Continue reading

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It’s hard to be a Cannibal!

Cannibalism and innovation: Disruptive innovation may require a firm to harm existing products. This may explain why Apple, not Sony introduced the iPod. Continue reading

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Facebook doesn’t listen to customers

Is it best to ignore your customers? Innovation thought leaders such as von Hippel, Utterback and then Christensen, have written about the risks of listening to customers when trying to innovate. A fellow blogger defended Facebook’s policy to ignore users … Continue reading

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