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2019 survey: the voice of my social media marketing students

I start the semester in my social media marketing classes with a survey of social media use and their perceived issues. My classes comprise juniors and seniors majoring in marketing, communications, design, and management. They are in        … Continue reading

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#Cluetrain Derailed!

The Cluetrain is derailed.

Last Spring Adage pronounced that “There is no more social media marketing: just advertising… The idealistic end to business as usual, as “The Cluetrain Manifesto” envisioned, never happened… After a promising start — a glimmer of hope — we’re back to business as usual.”

My first social media marketing class was Spring 2012. I proclaimed that “marketers must drop the megaphone – broadcasting or shouting at customers and prospects is dead! We must engage and have a CONVERSATION.” Our group projects were to work with organizations to show them how to have that conversation….

Tomorrow I will face two new sections of my SMM class.

I require them to be Google AdWord certified. Continue reading

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Are you living on #Facebook?

Yesterday (August 26) at 6:45 Alison Parker, a young newspaper reporter at WDBJ, and Adam Ward, a camera person, for the Virginia TV station were tragically murdered by a former employee of the station. The killer created Facebook and Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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5 years of blogging and 4 years of tweets!

I have been blogging for 5 years and Tweeting for 4 ! My 21,272 tweets, assuming 23 words per tweets, would total 489,256 words: the equivalent of 5 books. This comparison to books raises the relevant question: is it worth it? Continue reading

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Is Facebook about to be DISRUPTED?

Users spending hours a day messaging with friends are not using cellphone minutes or viewing Facebook ads. The threat is not just hypothetical – a study shows that mobile apps are already more used than either Facebook or Twitter in Japan and Korea. Continue reading

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Does Facebook CAUSE narcissism?

… or are narcissists just drawn to social media? I started asking this question on Twitter a couple weeks ago, in order to gather some ideas and thoughts from my online friends for this post. Most of the comments suggested … Continue reading

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Can One Billion Facebook Users be wrong?

Based on strictly anecdotal evidence I believe that there are a LOT of fake and duplicate FB accounts… Does LinkedIn have both a more professional group and honest count? Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing a New Marketing Course: Social Slam Presentation


From 2012 Social Slam in Knoxville, TN

Continue reading

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Tweeting for 3 years!

I have been tweeting for three years now, producing enough characters to fill 4 books! OMG Continue reading

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