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#Cluetrain Derailed!

The Cluetrain is derailed.

Last Spring Adage pronounced that “There is no more social media marketing: just advertising… The idealistic end to business as usual, as “The Cluetrain Manifesto” envisioned, never happened… After a promising start — a glimmer of hope — we’re back to business as usual.”

My first social media marketing class was Spring 2012. I proclaimed that “marketers must drop the megaphone – broadcasting or shouting at customers and prospects is dead! We must engage and have a CONVERSATION.” Our group projects were to work with organizations to show them how to have that conversation….

Tomorrow I will face two new sections of my SMM class.

I require them to be Google AdWord certified. Continue reading

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Is anything out of bounds for social media?

Polymer Solutions Incorporated was the Hootsuite highlighted B2B small business for social media marketing last week.

Caitlyn Scaggs, marketing director of PSI, argues that ALL marketing benefits from going social! Continue reading

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