Innovation Week in Review – March 18, 2011

Crowdsourcing a new course

I decided to experiment with crowdsourcing a new course I am proposing on social media marketing. So I used my usual Tuesday blog article to summarize my thoughts on the course and ask for ideas:

CrowdsourcingCourse What a response! I received polished and practiced syllabi from dynamic scholars from Chile ( @andressilvaa ) , Canada ( @kozinets ), Massachusetts ( @dstevenwhite ) and Vermont ( @ejyoung67 ). And I received wonderful suggestions from  knowledgeable faculty and businesspersons including @chuckmartin1, @AlanSee,  @CraigEYaris, @aboyer,  @ckburgess, @johncass, and @joebobhester ! (Apologies to helpful friends I did not list!) My final proposal, needless to say, is much stronger than it would have been and I have great ideas and some reading to do.

One surprising point upon reflection. I had intended this as a crowdsourcing exercise, but I think that anyone familiar with the people who helped would conclude that it ended up being a classic exercise in von Hippel’s lead user process!

Other Co-creation

Oracle Integrates Crowdsourcing Into CRM — Crowdsourcing — InformationWeek

 The experience-centric organization

Democratizing design: why Eric von Hippel would love Firebug:

Listen to the Voice of the employee! via @jhenning


Now to utilize social media!Open Innovation at the Crossroads RT @innovate

No Vision = No Innovation. What’s wrong with NASA is a harbinger for your business. RT @ovoinnovation

Good read – Whom Should You Hire at a Startup RT @meganberry

The best path to growth and profits | Aaker on Brands | Prophet

Design can make life better…

4 Ways To Make Sure You Never Waste A Good Idea RT @RedBaronUSA via @SmartBrief

Stefan Thomke on innovation in India. ‘Great products need not necessarily have many features’

Spot on –> Entrepreneurship in China: Let a million flowers bloom via @theeconomist RT @maijare

Social Media Marketing
I’m reading Netnography by @kozinets . I have always been a firm believer in co-creation or at least observing and questionning a user at their site, but I believe that there is a role for social media also…

What Is A Facebook “Like” Worth For Your Business? via @jeffbullas

“Social media puts reciprocity on steroids” – @GuyKawasaki talks to @be3d about “Enchantment” RT @Bazaarvoice

Your dog on Facebook? ( Zuckerberg’s is) Our dog looks like his but is more talented:

Interesting –> 5 Insights On The Future Of Social Media via @jeffbullas

Great read the relationship is important, make a connection don’t make this huge mistake on Twitter RT @markwschaefer via nazanin_weck

Shocker RT @adage: Who Dominated the Social Conversation About SXSW? Well, Mashable

Will Facebook replace company websites? (via @CNET) RT @SMMMmagazine

Social media: from experimentation to business integration

Our tools change us! Watson Is Far From Elementary

Good read –> In Social Media, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail via @briansolis @PamMktgNut

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs a Meltdown Plan – RT @vickiberry

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