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Cross functional innovation teams

Cross functional development teams seems like a no-brainer: Having representatives from marketing, finance, operations, customer service, etc. involved early should speed the development process by allowing communication and coordination to be performed in parallel instead of linear fashion. Diversity of … Continue reading

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PDMA thoughts: Service and Innovation

I have delayed my summary of the PDMA Research Conference, but hopefully the delay helps with perspective… (sound like an ad-hoc rationalization?) The two major themes that still resonate with me a couple weeks later are the call by Gerald … Continue reading

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A full section on Service Innovation at the PDMA Research Conference

  Students of new product development are aware of the term the “Fuzzy Front-End of NPD”, which describes the less understood process of idea generation (versus the allegedly more rational development process at the end that is better studied and … Continue reading

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Interview with Eric von Hippel (2007)

von Hippel talks about his insight into user-driven innovation for services and goods in this 2007 interview: http://www.gartner.com/research/fellows/asset_172822_1176.jsp The PDMA blog points out some of the high points in the interview, so I can be lazy: http://blog.pdma.org/ von Hippel was … Continue reading

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