From Blog to Book: Success!

I was thrilled when Success is my Major by Aisha Foy arrived in the mail on Saturday!

Aisha was a student in my social media & content marketing class at Radford 6 years ago, Spring 2015. She was an all-Big-South star on the women’s basketball team that qualified for the NIT tournament. Her blog for our “passion project” was on motivation and success – with some basketball included.

I was pleased that Aisha continued to contribute occasionally to the blog for a couple years after class. (I do check those links, alums…) I was even more pleased when I heard she had turned her passion project into a book…

From Blog to Book!

Aisha is now Director of Recruiting for women’s basketball at the University of Kentucky. Despite her demanding role, she decided it was time to turn her blog into a book.

In an early SMM class, we helped a local author market her book and make an Amazon bestseller list. This is the first book to come from a student’s passion project in the class. I hope there are more to come! Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

Best wishes Aisha!

Thanks Aisha, for the kind words for social media class and the “gray-haired professor who was excited about social media.”

This is the tenth year that I have been teaching social media and content marketing at Radford. I have been planning an upcoming “look back” at the crowdsourcing of the course and its subsequent evolution.

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