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Zooming – A progress report on the move online!

So far so good! The students seem to like having a weekly class session. (See left) Group sessions with the instructor seem to actually go better online than they do in class. I think we can concentrate better without the … Continue reading

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New Student #Blogs – Check them out!

The students in my Wintermester Social Media Marketing class are on a blog sprint. They are supposed to produce 8 posts and build some sort of audience in only 3.5 weeks for a blog about their passion! Why not check … Continue reading

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It is hard to do the #Flip! How much have you flipped??

I have been inspired to flip my classes, to move lectures and readings to outside the classroom…. and close the laptops and do hands-on projects in class. Even though I have been working to flip my classes for 3-4 years, I would estimate that they are only about 40-50% flipped!!! How much have you flipped?? Continue reading

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