Innovation Week Review February 25, 2011

A review of the most interesting tweets, articles, posts and thoughts on innovation, co-creation and social media that I saw this week….

First: Thank you for the recent increase in traffic to this site! If you missed any of them these three recent posts were popular (below or at links):

  1. Catch a wave – Do the lessons of innovation in surfing apply generally? CatchAWave
  2. Do users have a role in more innovative product or service development – Summary of a tweet discussion LeadUsers
  3. Does the clout of Klout threaten Twitter – Beware of inadequate measures taken seriously! KloutClout

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Countdown to the singurality?

Ray Kurzweil and others have been talking about a target date of about 2050 when computers/machines pass humans in all meaningful skills and abilities. Did we see step two of the singularity on Jeopardy where Watson, an IBM computer, handily beat the human competition?

CrazyFlipperFingers Why I Lost to Watson

ComeOnHAL We Lost on Jeopardy

Watson Doesn’t Know It Won on ‘Jeopardy!’ JustAMachine

Kurzweil: Why IBM’s Jeopardy Victory Matters Singularity via @pcmag

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:  

Scarcity: The mother of innovation? SkunkWorks #HBR

The normal reaction to really creative ideas is hostility FlattenTheMole

New Culture of Learning: is innovation possible in education? NEVER


Innovation ideas from surfing advances: Lead users on the edge…Catch a wave! CatchAWave

A Keyboard and Mouse? That’s So 1970s KillMice

Gr8 Advice on Open Innovation from P&G! – OPEN – S Lindegaard – RT @innovate

Tech Week – How social technology helps wounded patients. VitalLink @larsograf VitalLink

Social Media Marketing  

How to Measure Your Brand’s Online Influence InfluenceME (via @incmagazine) RT @EeeGeee

Interesting –> How’s the research industry using social media? @researchlive Research RT @Facecocreation

The 4 Strategic Steps To A Social Business SocialBiz @jeffbullas

Important! How Twitter impacts SEO: Here’s Proof – TwitterSEO RT @ckrohn1 @MackCollier

“Majority of social interaction will happen via mobile”: WhyDontWeDoItInTheRoad This should be obvious now, but still be stated RT @dhinchcliffe

Happiness and social networks @aaker Happy @aaker (Un)happiness over time Unhappy RT @smaxbrown @rbakal

Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work” NoHardSell

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