Innovation: Week in Review Dec 11, 2010

This Friday’s Question:

Do you tweet during sporting events, TV and breaking news? Does twitter really make everything interactive?

I am a dinosaur who still uses twitter only from a computer. So I posted this question to savvy followers. Two of the responses:

@EeeGeee responded absolutely, twitter makes TV “Very interactive, very 2.0 – I love it!”

@bobbikay said “I like to during sporting events. But I notice it seems to enhance the Glee watching experience.”

The genesis of the question was this fascinating article on how twitter is merging with TV: Twitter makes TV, sports events, & news interactive: I want my #Twitter #TV! TwitterTV FastCompany

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:

Developing countries cellphones –> global health innovation: Cell phones RT @science4care via @market_spy

From the lab is my world to the world is my lab: General Mills Open Innovation Town Hall: G Mills via @lindegaard @EmilieLabidoire

Open Innovation versus Open Source – Open2Open – Stefan Lindegaard – #innovation via @innovate

Social Media Marketing

Interesting! Marketing: Why Groupon Could Own Your Brand’s Future GrouponDominates via @adage @LaurelSchirr

Students that tweet, get better grads. Study shows. Tweet on via @Restonrunner

I am working on followup… any thoughts? Social Media Marketing will Drive Product Innovation: InnovateSM (me)

How Social Media Is Challenging Advertiser Roles AdvertiseSM via @adage @laurelschirr SOCIAL MEDIA ECONOMY? 

Dell To Launch Social Media Listening Command Center SM Command via @mashsocialmedia @mashable @PDmarks

5 Location And Mobile Tech Predictions For 2011 –5 predictions via @dstevenwhite

Interesting!! Seven of the world’s top 10 brands drive their brand on #Facebook 7 of 10 RT @leilaergo

Intentional listening: the foundation of social media #marketing: Listen (by @EricFletcher) @SMMmagazine

#Ford gets social media #marketing strategy right: MustangSM (by @EddieReeves) @SMMmagazine

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  1. Great articles! Great post! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

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