Innovation Week in Review – November 20, 2010

This Friday’s Question: How do YOU use SM in innovation? Does it go beyond an “electronic suggestion box”?

Keeley Wray aka @market_spy says: Use social media 4 all stages 1) identify unmet need 2) inventory competition & market 3) engage stakeholders to promote idea

I believe @market_spy is correct.

Several months ago I wrote a blog for Social Media Marketing Magazine arguing that SM should have such a role: SMMnInnovation 

I will post more in December on SM and innovation…

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:

Open Innovation versus Open Source – Open Squared – Stefan Lindegaard – #innovation via @innovate

Best Brand Viral Videos of 2010NotJustOldSpice  via @jerryscanyours

Effectuation and causation via @pnschwab

The Heart of Innovation: 50 Awesome Quotes on Vision IQuotes via @Jabaldaia

Blocks to progress? 10 Tensions in #Innovation 10Tensions Address before start via @ovoinnovation @timkastelle

To Innovate is to choose Need2Choose Beggars can’t be choosers, but innovators must be via @ovoinnovation

The Heart of Innovation: 25 Awesome Quotes on Creativity Creativity via jerryscanyours

The three key components of an innovation culture InnovationCulture #innovation via @InnoInto

Social Media Marketing

Interesting!! Seven of the world’s top 10 brands drive their brand on Facebook ItsFacebook RT @leilaergo  

Fortune 500 Social Media Use: Twitter Overtakes Facebook OrItsTwitter (via: @dstevenwhite @norabarnes @umassd) via @ESM_BizDev

SM is not about the marketers! Social media marketers, remember 5 points! 5things  via @johnfoleyjr

LinkedIn Launches BrandYou Initiative in Europe OrMaybeLinkedin via @webnewser @TheYaffeGroup  @Mica_in_Detroit

10 Charts That Every Internet Exec Must See Right Now – MustSee RT @dstevenwhite

How social media may change healthcare delivery! TwitterMeHealthy  

Which top retailers are the most popular on Facebook? ShelfFace via @johnfoleyjr

comScore: Facebook Now Accounts For Nearly 1 In 4 Display Ads In The U.S. OneInFour 

SM Privacy and Ethics

Do No Evil – Google street-mapping teams collected and stored passwords, emails: NotMuchEvil – A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name WatchingYou

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