Week in Innovation – November 13, 2010

There was no Friday question this week. If you haven’t already, please read my blog posting for the week, “Contextual Knowledge and Sticky Information” which follows this one.

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:

Neuromarketing and politics:

Neuromarketing and the GOP, using real campaign ads and scores: SuperAds @noahr

Do No Evil – Google street-mapping teams collected and stored passwords, emails: DoNoEvil

Crisis in Crisis Management? 33% of Global CCO’s Unprepared WhoMeWorry via @ckburgess

Best Brand Viral Videos of 2010 IAmOnAHorse  @jerryscanyours

Top marketing professors on Twitter: ProfessorGaryNMore @SMMmagazine 

Principles of entrepreneurial effectuation: affordable loss, strategic partnerships, leveraging the unexpected (pdf) IActThereforeIAm  @ptrcksmth

How One Spark of an Idea Can Light Up the World >>> DebbieBoone  @BizXtreme

Social Media Marketing

comScore: Facebook Now Accounts For Nearly 1 In 4 Display Ads In The U.S. Facebook

For debate: Is social media making folks less social? ALLMyFriendsAreVirtual (some people can’t stop, even when they’re out and about…) @simasays  

Social media trends to watch for 2011 WatchOut @jbhester

Will Twitter’s new ad model work for marketers? NotJustFacebook  @jbhester

WSJ.com – A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name IllBeWatchingYou

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