Whither Twitter? Save the little blue bird!

Twitter is losing money. Improvements in the platform are rare and rarely make a splash. Somehow the pioneering public messaging service missed the huge private messaging market – and Facebook has the leadership position. Salesforce decided not to buy them.

In addition there are the stories of bullying on the platform. And much of the non-bullying activity seems to be by BOTs, Trolls, or brazen hawkers.

The founding team and management of Twitter is legendary: at least one book has been written about the dysfunction of management. Twitter’s pioneering in live streaming seems ready to be squashed by Facebook; they recently closed Vine which was eclipsed by a Facebook subsidiary, Instagram.

There has been a lot of speculation on the future of Twitter, as noted by my favorite tech and innovation cartoonist, Kiki, in her review of 2017 Social Media Trends.

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New Student #Blogs – Check them out!

The students in my Wintermester Social Media Marketing class are on a blog sprint. They are supposed to produce 8 posts and build some sort of audience in only 3.5 weeks for a blog about their passion!

Why not check them out? Here are some new student blogs to sample:

blog-craftsAre you a Do-It-Yourself-er? Crafts and Cream Puffs discusses a wide range of DIY from fixing things to cooking. This cherry dessert looks pretty good…




Thrift and Flip talks about the hobby of “thrifting” at Goodwill or online for bargains or for profit. The first two posts discuss where and what to thrift.

Music Blogs

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Amazon made my day…

I was delighted to see the seven books (all about innovation) suggested to me by Amazon when I landed there today.

OK they may have been flattering me and my colleagues from Sweden, but still…


Service Innovation on Amazon.

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Service Innovation Applied to Marketing

I was honored to be included in the Brand Quarterly list of “50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50” released this week. I can now cite one clear advantage of passing 50…

The 50 marketers listed were asked to share and explain their marketing mantra for 2017. Not surprisingly my mantra came from principles of service innovation:

“Just do it!  Try, observe, and then iterate or pivot.”


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Advice to my son on working from home

My son just took a job with a fast growing online firm where he and most of his colleagues work online from home. I had worked from my home office for a while with a company headquartered in Berkeley during the dot.bomb era. So naturally, I offered him some unsolicited advice about being a “home warrior:”

  1. Network. Network. Network. Make it as personal as possible.
  2. Have clear OFFICE space.
  3. Locate that office space as far from fridge as possible.

I asked my tweeps for other suggestions. One Twitter friend, @sdtapex, warned me that flextime and telecommuting had led to near disaster in his company. Eight others added suggestions:

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2015 Top Downloaded Innovation Articles in JPIM

Gloria Barczak, editor of the leading journal on innovation, JPIM has provided a list of the top downloaded articles from their website. You can download the list as a PDF here: Top 10 2015 JPIM Downloaded Articles (2).

These are the top 10 downloaded articles from the JPIM website in 2015:

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All Innovation is Really #Service #Innovation

According to government statistics 70-85% of the GDP of Western nations, and 63% of the world GDP is service.

Traditional goods firms are emphasizing service in their offerings. So it is positively weird that intro marketing texts put a single chapter on service marketing. It also seems odd to me that most research articles on product innovation focus on new product development for goods. And that most articles on service innovation attempt to apply processes from new product development of goods to services.

ball bearings

Goods makers are increasing offering there products as services. GE sells hours of thrust instead of aircraft engines; truck engines and even building roofs are offered as a function.

Ball Bearings can be a  service. As the linked HBR article on SKF, the leading ball bearings provider, discusses once a good becomes smart, an offering is a system of data and controls.

One thing that the four authors of Service Innovation quickly agreed on while writing the book was the “service trifecta:”

  • All Products are Service
  • All Marketing is Service Marketing, and
  • All Innovation is Service Innovation

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#Service #Innovation: The Book

I was THRILLED when these five glossy paperbacks were delivered to my home a few weeks ago! Service Innovation, An eighteen-month collaboration with three professors from the CTF Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden, was now tangible and on my coffee table! Service Innovation 4

What was it like to collaborate on a book with researchers 6,691 km. away? With all the modern tools it was surprisingly trouble free! We posted chapters on Dropbox. The three Karlstad professors seemed to have no trouble coordinating work between them. I typically signed on after in the evening after they had finished for the day.

We had a couple of conferences on Skype but primarily communicated by email or Facebook Messenger. I remember thi

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How to profit from REALLY poor #service!

Last Friday my wife and I drove 2.5 hours to Charleston, WV, in order to purchase a 5-year pre-check pass from the TSA for $85 each. Most sites have a waiting time of a month for an appointment to buy the pre-check. There are three clear benefits from the pass:

  1. Skip the “TSA Strip Tease.” You know the dance: remove your shoes, jacket, sweater, belt, wallet, phone, change, etc. Hold up your arms and see if your trousers stay in place. (All without accompanying music!)
  2. Leave your computers, electrical gear, and shampoo in your carry-on case.
  3. Clear security faster.


The TSA collects $17 per year from each participant PLUS costs go down since not everyone goes through the same torture process. A true Win-win for the TSA!

I was wondering if other notorious bad service providers have similar profit opportunities…

How much would you pay annually to:

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Should you involve customers? How radical and hedonic are you trying to be?

When does a firm benefit from customer co-creation?

The leading journal of product innovation, JPIM, has a cool YouTube channel to view short summaries of selected articles on innovation. I strongly recommend checking it every couple months for new posted videos. Even if, like me, you read the journal cover-to-cover every issue, it is interesting to see how the authors portray their research via video.

Readers of a blog originally titled “Service Co-creation” will undoubtedly be interested in this video – which asks when does a firm benefit from customer co-creation. The authors found that benefits from customer involvement vary based on whether the innovation is:

  • Incremental or Radical, and
  • Utilitarian or hedonic.

Watch the video to get the insights:

Video LInk




This full article is featured in the July issue of JPIM.

Again the video link is here.

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