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Otago Forum 2

 In a recent posting I discussed the issue of service dominant logic versus service science and cited a paper presented at the Otago Forum 2. The Forum has kindly posted ALL of the papers from the conference online. I am … Continue reading

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All products are service

SDL in the real world An interesting story in The Economist about the success of Rolls Royce in aircraft engines reaffirms the SDL of marketing: all products are service. The article states that some of RR’s success is due to … Continue reading

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Service Science vs. Service Dominant Logic

  SDL or Service Science: establishing standards or branding? IBM has been fostering “service science” as an approach to understand service and service innovation. Two academics who wrote the well known Journal of Marketing article have been promoting the “Service Dominant … Continue reading

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All NPD is Service Innovation

I have thought since I first read the Vargo and Lusch argument for a “new dominant logic of marketing” (JM 2004) that an obvious corollary to their declaration that “all marketing is service marketing” is that: All New Product Development is Service Innovation. A posting … Continue reading

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