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Teaching SMM: METRICS #1 Importance of Measurement

If social media (“SM”) is to be a vital part of an organization’s marketing, public relations, customer service, and/or communications activities, the impact and contribution of social media must be measured: what is measured is treasured. Continue reading

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Is #FF Follow Friday SO 2009?

I have noticed a decline in #FF and #MarketerMonday activity among my online friends. Have the Friday and Monday call-outs become passe? Am I one of the last to figure it out? Continue reading

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Creating and Nurturing your Personal Learning Network #PLN

Whatever our area of expertise or passion, it is hard to stay current in a fast paced world. Our online community, sharing our passion, is an aid to lifelong learning, a Personal Learning Network or PLN. Continue reading

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A Bloggers 2013 resolution – check out Reddit and Triberr

My blogging resolutions for 2013 are: (1) Figure out Reddit and how active I want to be, (2) Figure out Triberr and whether I should participate, (3) Post every Tuesday (minimum) on this blog, and (4) Figure out what to do with my other blog, Why is Reddit first? Continue reading

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Professor Klout

A class project in which the final grade earned is solely determined by a student’s Klout score! Klout becomes harmful to social media as participants game their scores under pressure from imbecile employers who screen with Klout… Continue reading

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