The 10 Principles of Social Media Marketing

This is the last week of my summer social media marketing class. Seven MBA students, most of whom are working during the day, have gathered together twice a week from 6 to 10 pm to discuss SMM for organizations.

Last session I asked the class to generate “Ten principles of Social Media Marketing” that I could use as a starting point for my next class. These are the 10 they came up with – with very little prompting or comment from their usually talkative professor (they rarely get out early):

  1. Know your organizational culture and voice. Know your audience and community. Speak to the audience with your voice.
  2. Listen. If you do nothing else, listen to what people are saying about your organization, products or services, competitors and environment.
  3. Social media is SOCIAL: Engage your community.
  4. Be patient but measure! Progress takes time but must be monitored.
  5. You can’t be on every social platform: Be on the social platforms that your target audience or community use most.
  6. Be authentic 24/7/52.
  7. Show your passion. Involve your stakeholders.
  8. Be consistent with message, principles and tone.
  9. Produce great targeted content.
  10. Have good manners. If you are angry delay your post or tweet and read it again before posting.

It seems like a good list to me…  but I am likely biased.

Do you think they nailed it?

Are any of their 10 not really necessary?

What is number 11??



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3 Responses to The 10 Principles of Social Media Marketing

  1. Meridian Wildlife Services, LLC says:

    Great list! A little more definition of #4 might be: Measure your SMM’s ROI beyond “likes” or interactions. Results matter. MUST be able to quantify impact!

    Congratulations to all your students for completing the summer session at night!

  2. Gary Schirr says:

    Thank you for your input! I think they would agree with your emphasis on metrics…

    I was impressed that most still seemed engaged at 9:30!

    Thanks again!

  3. Gary– nice top 10 list!
    I’d maybe add #11 as “Make sure your social goals mirror your business goals.”
    And if folks do the first 10 things, then #11 may just be a delightful by-product!

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