My Content Marketing II: #Curation, #Contributed + #Branded Content

In my last post on this site, I noted that Content Marketing goes back two centuries.

In my two previous careers (only going back to the last century) I was a content marketer and salesperson. In the days before blogs and email I folded newsletters, stamped and licked envelopes to get content to a targeted community of bank and other financial traders. I had also started holding seminars and offered to speak at third-party seminars and conferences.

Curating in Asia

When I went to Asia to run an institutional bond and derivatives sales operation I noted that many local desks divided their brokers into two groups: idea brokers and entertainment brokers.

I clearly wanted our desk to be identified as an idea broker as it: (1) fit my personal style, (2) it was more profitable – they paid the same commissions to both, but entertainment brokers had horrendous costs, and (3) I valued my liver and my family. So I stepped up the content activity.

I employed a new social communication tool (fax machine) to send weekly research and market summary reports to our clients. Today some of this activity would be called “curation.” I arranged for some of the material to be translated into Chinese, wrote a summary commentary, and selected research that would be of interest to several subsets of prospects or customers. Once again I oversaw the actual product and distribution (faxing).

Contributed and Branded Content

I continued conducting seminars in Asia. I also continued to speak at conferences held by others. I substituted for another speaker at a well-known expensive conference in Asia. I told the host that I would be willing to speak at any of their conferences in the Asia-Pacific anytime, even on short notice and would pay travel expenses. I understand that some conferences today charge speakers and to some extent my company was paying by covering my travel expenses to participate in a conference that charged attendees a steep fee. My conference activities could be called contributed content or even branded content, since I was willing to cover all my expenses.

By speaking for an hour in front of financial executives that paid up to $5000 to attend a conference gave me credibility and helped brand our institutional sales desk as idea brokers.

When I switched careers and acted as a marketing and sales consultants to startups. I created a weekly curated newsletter about events in the online trading area. A new communication medium was available, so my newsletter was emailed to my list of 200 key executives.

Every step in my sales and marketing career was content marketing, even though I switched a third career in academia before the social media era arrived. I found it to be very effective, allowing me to compete with extroverts and people willing to risk their livers and spend a fortune on entertainment. I build credibility and a community…

Content marketing goes back two centuries – what is NEW??




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2 Responses to My Content Marketing II: #Curation, #Contributed + #Branded Content

  1. elkement says:

    I can relate a lot! As a geek you probably did ‘content marketing’ decades ago by posting to ancient tech discussion groups – demonstrating your knowledge and skills. We also ‘networked’ a lot… I fully agree – only the tools have changed.

  2. Gary Schirr says:

    Thanks for your comment, Elke!

    I definitely agree that much of the new new content marketing is old hat… But to some extent “the medium is the message!” An upcoming post will discuss how social has changed content marketing…

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