Personal Learning Networks… A #PLN keeps on giving!

A personal learning network is indispensable for a true life-long learner. No one person can keep up with the rush of information in her/his area of interest, but a good PLN can filter the information and keep one alert of important trends and developments.

PLNs have always been important…social media only makes it easier to create, manage and maintain the network!

I wrote some posts about how a good PLN on social media enabled me to propose and create courses in social media marketing at my university before the usual aids – other profs syllabi or a textbook – were available.

Even the STORY of how this PLN, based in Twitter and LinkedIn, has been helpful to my career:

  1. Mark Schaefer and the SMCKnox invited me to SoSlam to tell the story… and then posted a video on YouTube that has collected over 400 views,
  2. The VT Pedagogy conference invited my wife and I to give a workshop on PLNs, and
  3. The current issue of the Marketing Education Review includes an article of mine describing the process.

Don’t neglect your PLN…it keeps on giving!

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