Getting your blog noticed: 8 suggestions

Last evening (until 10 pm!) I discussed how to create a blog about your passion with 12 evening MBA students. I stressed finding a passion, checking out similar blogs, finding a niche, writing on topics the  target audience would be interested in, and writing and rewriting so it is good stuff…

They heard the REALLY good stuff about creating content from the author of Tao of Twitter and Born to Blog, Mark Schaefer! (I enjoyed hearing his 5 tips to great blogging and physics of social media…)

A keen interest from the new bloggers was naturally how to get their blog noticed. My suggestions were:

  1. Polish your title – spend some time! (50% of total??)
  2. Post in our class FB group –12 quick views
  3. Write a good blog post: the class group will pass it on.
  4. Advertise your blog post through enticing posts with links on Twitter and FB and other SM sites! (and build up your SM communities…)
  5. Read + comment on similar blogs –reciprocate?
  6. Have friends recommend your post on Digg and Reddit.
  7. If it fits – do not abuse this – link in a comment to another article on a different blog. (Reputation risk if abused…)
  8. Join a support group on (Similar to class group but new bloggers)

What did I miss? What should I add???? Can you get me to TEN??

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6 Responses to Getting your blog noticed: 8 suggestions

  1. Hi Mark. Great question. I have been blogging on lately and one cool thing they have is the ability to get others in similar fields/areas to collaborate and help edit the blog. I think find like-minded authors to help with the evolution of your idea. I also like the idea of updating older blogs using this same formula to get it right over time. This may already blend into point 8 and elsewhere, but I wanted to share it.

  2. Gary Schirr says:

    Interesting Sander! I have been amazed at how often bloggers I like, such as Mark Schaefer and Cheryl Burgess, mention that they are on Triberr. I am thinking of starting a Tribe with my MBA class…if someone would like to join, let me know!

  3. 9. Engage your readers by asking questions and inviting responses in the comments, or include polls.
    10. Bring your blogs alive with short video interviews, audio boo podcasts and interesting images.

  4. Gary Schirr says:

    Thanks Sue!

    Great suggestions… I just thought of another: respond to comments quickly!


  5. Sander’s right; check out Medium as well. @garyvee was an early adopter and from his content I’ve gotten hooked on the site in general.

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