Marketing 2.0

A couple weeks ago the blog Marketing 2.0 offerred “15 suggestions that take advantage of the innovative opportunities that Web 2.0 offers for marketing.”  Seven of the 15 suggestions tie into the themes about involving users that are often discussed on this blog.

4. Action is better than study. Marketing 2.0 is about experimentation!

5. Do, Evaluate, Redo (oh! that’s #4 again 🙂  )

6. Get out of your box & try new things. Ask your customers for ideas. (they will surprise you!)

8. Don’t assume – ask your customers (get to know them – they’ll tell you everything want to hear plus maybe some things you didn’t want to)

9. Observe & listen to your customers (they are begging to be heard)

12. Consider feedback as a gift (negative is the most valuable)

15. There’s no mistake that can’t be fixed (if you never try how will you know? see #6)

Bonus – have fun! Marketing in the Web 2.0 world is about the customers. Let them show you their joy in pleasing them.

Here is the link to Marketing 2.0:

If you want to see the other eight points of the 15 go here:

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