#Blog problems: Blogger’s Block? #Audience not growing?

A 17-minute SMM lecture on what to do if you encounter the two most common problems after launching a new blog:

  1. Blogger’s Block – I used up all the great article ideas!
  2. Where’s the audience?

My goal is to motivate new bloggers to keep going!!

I appreciate any thoughts on material to add or how to improve this lecture…

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3 Responses to #Blog problems: Blogger’s Block? #Audience not growing?

  1. elkement says:

    Great advice, Gary!
    I’d like to add / emphasize:

    – Don’t try to imitate the famous bloggers. I think this happens unknowingly often as you read the opinion leaders’ blogs. Other people may be more interested in an authentic account of your ‘small world’ and your speciality than in the next would-be life hacking / business philosopher guru.

    – Perseverance and Stoic attitude. Remember you started writing for expressing your thoughts and not for craving for clicks and comments. From anecdotal evidence I conclude most blogs die after 1-2 years – much too short a time for organic growth.
    In addition, the majority of readers are often silent for reasons not related to your blog – e.g. because they don’t want to create an account that allows for commenting, or because they aren’t bloggers themselves to whom words – and comments – come more easily. Business-wise, the silent readers are very interesting prospects. I often heard things like this in a ‘first contact’ by e-mail: “Now, after I had followed your blog for a year…”

  2. Gary Schirr says:

    Thanks Elke! Good insights – from a blogger I admire!

  3. elkement says:

    Thanks, Gary! 🙂

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