Innovation Week – March 4, 2011

A review of the most interesting tweets, articles, posts and thoughts on innovation, co-creation and social media that I saw this week….

@CharlieSheen NEEDS a Klout score! I loved this tweet and blog title from the chief product officer of Klout. Charlie would seem to need: (1) counseling, (2) a 12-step program, (3) guidance to “true north” or to simply get sober but a Klout score…Then his life will have meaning… “@CharlieSheen Needs a Klout score WheresCharlie RT @ckburgess @PhilipHotchkiss

This led me to reminisce that: If we had only had Klout scores for Jesus and the Beatles in 1966, we would have known who was “bigger”!

The CPO tweeted me “@ProfessorGary you know that Headline was a tongue in cheek reference to a Mashable story reported yesterday afternoon right? 😉 from @PhilipHotchkiss

Well… the article was referenced in the Klout blog…but still…I think the over-the-top headline while humorous did catch some of the silly earnestness being paid to an inadequate measure… As @maniactive tweeted@ProfessorGary According to Klout, I am most influenced by people I have never heard of.”

I continue to worry that the clout of Klout threaten Twitter – Beware of inadequate measures taken seriously! KloutsClout  (last week’s lead off)

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:  

#Revolt of the Creative Class – New post NewClass by @richard_florida  @TheAtlantic RT @Jabaldaia @Digitaltonto I don’t find this real convincing but I try to read Florida’s stuff…

Why Creativity Matters (and what to learn from LEGO trends and Jazz Music!) — ItMatters via @CKBurgess @maxmeilleur

Why Creativity Matters Most – #creativity RT @ckburgess

How to Test a Brilliant Business Idea KISS @Co-creation RT @DotSauce  

Marketing expenditures generally have no impact Zilch by @davidaaker

“Construction will be the growth industry of the Information Age.” Read this @BillDavidow article in @CSMONITOR: HardHats RT @OpenRoadMedia

The awful truth: education won’t stop the west getting poorer | skyISfalling via @guardian || must educate to innovate RT @lmdapper

China: Intellectual Property Battleground: Entrepreneur & inventor J Dyson… IPSchmpee #fb RT @chinabiznowfb

Co-creation and effectuation

value co-creation, contextual variety & means drivenness in tech use [academic article] CoCreation RT @ireneclng @spirospiliadis  

Follow @roeklips blog on groundbreaking Dutch TVLab experiments in #transmedia & audience co-creation and participation FeedBack RT @ianginn  

VIA @novusJ @ProfessorGary Scarcity: The mother of innovation? Scarcity Consistent with “affordable losses” of #effectuation RT @fschlegel 

Slides 3-25; Great example of myth of #entrepreneurship. The rest, we can argue about. e-ship @sgblank #effectuation RT @effectuationHQ

Richard Branson on Business: It Doesn’t Cost Anything to Listen (Video) – Listen #entrepreneur RT @CollegeGradOH

Social Media Marketing  

7 Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities (via @hubspot) RT @EeeGeee

How Social Media Stole Your Mind, Took Advertising With It – PodPeople via @adage  RT @laurelschirr

FB a key part of college marketing ItsComplicatedLinkedIn: How to Properly Plant It into Your Social Media Marketing Landscape

The Power in Your Profile: How LinkedIn Can BeLeveraged to Lead a Fruitful Job Hunt GetAJob

Why can’t we be friends? How Social Media is Helping Marketing, PR, and Sales Become Better Friends LetsTweet  

Is a Blog Still Important in 2011? Good analysis. So2007 RT @wendymarx  @ckburgess

Behavioural targeting,grouping people by Mobile browsing behaviour DoItInTheRoad RT @LauraPotvin @qrcodestickers

News organization to move all content to Facebook JoinEnemy via @ckburgess     

How to do Twitter in 15 minutes a day @TreyPennington AndGetRichAndPickup #socialCMO RT @TheSocialCMO

To @Fortin: We published a blog post about that: “Do CMOs Really Understand the Value of Twitter?” ImWorkingReally RT @SMMmagazine

Storytelling/Qualitative work

The Art of Purposeful Storytelling WhenNumbersBad HarvardBiz RT @Jabaldaia @lisduarte @spirospiliadis  

RT @professorgary: #Buy-ology. Short video on brain-scan marketing: Buyology #branding #neuromarketing RT @theWebChef

More Countdown to the singurality?

Will machines transcend man? (video): This will happen in 2029… Scary RT @SciNewsBlog #singularity

As noted last week…Ray Kurzweil and others have been talking about a target date of about 2050 when computers/machines pass humans in all meaningful skills and abilities. Did we see step two of the singularity on Jeopardy where Watson, an IBM computer, handily beat the human competition?

HeCheated Why I Lost to Watson

Bummer We Lost on Jeopardy

è Watson Doesn’t Know It Won on ‘Jeopardy!’ Dummy

 è Kurzweil: Why IBM’s Jeopardy Victory Matters WereNumber2 via @pcmag

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