Innovation Week in Review: February 12, 2011

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:  

Several articles or blog postings this week about risks to innovation… Is innovation at risk and how do we get more Steve Jobs…

Innovation: Are our best days behind us? The pace of innovation has slowed in rich countries BestBehindUS in @TheEconomist

The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out Innovation: 7Deadly (via @fastcodesign) in @fastcompany  

Innovation dying? Healthcare Investment;The Hidden Crisis HealthInnovation WSJ-OP

“What the Startup World Needs is More Steve Jobs”MoreSteve . See his secrets to innovation. Via @benbreen RT @StartupPro


Forrester Research Outlines Co-Creation Market of 2011 CoCreation via @destinationcrm

Three reasons co-creation should be part of a new product process CoCreationDesign 

Getting Disruptive! (Christensen…)

I and two twitter/bloggers I follow wrote posts related to Christensen’s disruptive innovation:

Disruptive innovation in healthcare DisruptingHealthCare by @Market_Spy I tweeted to hear about common problems in Higher ED + Hospitals! She replied: Yes. I wonder why market has not driven disruptive technology. Price of both absurd!

It is hard to be a cannibal! Why even Sony, who had led numerous revolutions in portable music missed on digital:Hard2BHannibal @ProfessorGary

Cannibalization versus disrupting someone else: DisruptiveChoice @ovoinnovation

Social Media Marketing  

The trend is growth! RT @DesignNews Social Networks: Cautious Engineers and Collaboration-Focused Suppliers SMEngineers via @akenly

Research-70% of companies are using/will use social media for product innovation;only 33% have a strategy WhatStrategy via @ akenly RT @KalypsoLP

Why you may want to know what a wikibrand is  Wikibrand  via @TheSocialCMO @JeffAshcroft

Modern pickup line – What’s your #Klout score? Cool Kids Game Social Scorekeepers KloutScore 

SM INTERESTING: How Social Media Will Make the Smart Energy Grid More Efficient SMEnergy via @andressilvaa

The future of brand marketing: Individual engagement IndividualEngagement via @adtech

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Social Media Voice Mashable … SMVoice via @AHBergmann

The Role of Personality, the Underdog and Superpowers in Effective Social Media Marketing: EffectiveSM via @KatieMcCaskey

Beware of social media mavens bearing gifts… Marketing: Why Groupon Could Own Your Brand’s Future GrouponWorries via @adage @LaurelSchirr

Successful Bloggers, What’s Their Secret? GoodBlogging via @FamousBloggers @nittyGriddyBlog

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