Innovation Week in Review – February 5, 2011

Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking, Really?:DesignThinking by @VenessaMiemis

Why Design Thinking Won’t Save You NotSaveByDesign RT @HarvardBiz


Innovate like a Kindergartner AllILearned RT @BusinessChat

RT @kurtulusdemirel Can a Big Company Innovate Like a Start-Up? – Ron Ashkenas – Intrapreneurship

What’s Wrong With How We Innovate? – WhatsWrong from @zhaaazhoooy

Seven terrific ways to innovate LifeIsGood via @PaulSloane

Why Are some Incremental Innovations Considered Game Changers?: IncrementalLove  Blog by @DavidAaker

Effective product innovation requires concurrent efforts from participants AllAtOnce

“Innovation happens when people work w/in constraints & they figure out how to do it anyway.” – @webb on @care2frogloop Constraints via @amyrsward

Check this video out — How To Build a Better Brain via @youtube #CMU

Social Media and innovation

RT @Hoovers and @B2Bbuzz: Startup uses tweets to predict purchases: SMPredictions (via @Mashable) via @KentHuffman

Is Social Media Creating A Digital Tipping Point? ItsTipping via @jeffbullas

#Conan: Most Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign Ever? ConanTheTwitterMan via @jeffbullas

18 Best Tools To Analyze Your Twitter Hotness – MirrorMirrorOnTheWall via @Minervity

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