Innovation Week in Review – Oct 30, 2010

Short post this week as my tweeting/blogging suffered as I had to prepare my mid-tenure review packet and a conference submission on top of my teaching duties.

Tweets/articles on innovation – A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name NoPrivacy

Creativity with Topspin -Interview w/Fred Burt – London #3 TennisAnyone @SiegelGale via @ckburgess

RT @gayas111 Nice article on “Blocks to creativity” BlockNTackle RT @careersherpa @HarvardBiz

7 Keys to Switching from a Big Company to a Small One ThinkSmall

And of course my posting on Effectuation and innovation (Part I) – see following post!

My next blog post will discuss some ideas on Servant Leadership and Innovation and the following will continue the effectuation and innovation discussion. Happy Halloween!

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