Innovation Week Sep 25, 2010

Friday Innovation question

The Friday question was why do organizations still use group methods – focus groups and brainstorming – for innovation ideas when it has  been shown that those methods kill ideas, especially the very best ones? Reference:

Evidence –

Zombie theory –

Answers from twitter included you need “better moderators” [spoken like a consultant] and to increase group involvement [I believe this is key].

Articles or postings of interest this week:

How 3M got creative  again. New management and slavish devotion to six sigma nearly killed the innovation tradition – but it is back! 3M #Fortune Magazine

Looking to innovate? Get out of the office:WalkAbout via @strategicsense #Forbes [innovation by walking around?]

Move on Groupon? Innovate or Die… Groupies  #Forbes

Companies need to be opportunity focused to create an innovation culture What is an Innovation Culture? CultureClub  @Micheal_Myers  @innovate

Don’t Innovate Italian Soccer StyleItalianStyle” stretching an analogy. via @farukcapan @HarvardBizRT @farukcapan @HarvardBiz

Must read: Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution OriginofIdeas #innovation

Innovation in Education

B-Schools discover Africa Africa

What if lectures were viewed at home and “homework” was done in school? Innovation in education? (Is it legal?)  Flip “Flip-Thinking” via @DanielPink  #HR @KateNasser

Keys to Innovation

RT @McKQuarterly: McKinsey Classics: The psychology of change management ChangeMGMT

7 things to keep in mind for a crowdsourced campaign crowds  [Ndubuisi Ekekwe @HarvardBiz]via @GeorgeDearing

Is innovation a privilege of the few, or the possibility of the masses? What are you seeing at your firm? Unwashed #PWC

BMW Announces 2nd Co-Creation Lab Co-BMW

Co-creation, not focus groups for customer ideation! CrowdsourcingBW Social Media Marketing

Don’t worry about Google, fear FB! R.I.P. 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website WatchFB via @nowsourcing

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