Innovation – week in review: October 2, 2010

Friday Innovation question: Do six sigma and other process management systems necessarily stop innovation?

This question generated a lot of retweets and interests…but a surprising limited amount of six sigma and process management defenders!

The Fortune Magazine article that started the discussion: How 3M got creative again. New management and slavish devotion to six sigma process management nearly killed the innovation tradition – but it is back! 3M back

A former blog posting of mine that discussed possible danger even for a process management system designed for new product development: Process management & innovation – danger! Process MGMT is the problem

A book review that also mentioned six sigma as innovation’s enemy: Making Ideas Happen Making Ideas Happen RT @ctmarcom

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:

Innovation and constraints: The Genius of the Tinkerer Tinkerers  

Wanted: Big Ideas from Small Fry Small Fry

Top 5 Countries for Open Innovation – Open5 by @StefanLindegaard via @innovate

Sustainability is about innovations sustain RT @ecotwist

Service Innovation

Four steps to begin service innovation… 4steps to service innovation

Innovation in Education

SM in schools – I am a skeptic but… Case For SM: SMinSchools (via @Tina_Barr @mashable) RT @ashleydburleson

B-Schools discover Africa BizSchoolsAfrica

Social Media Marketing

Facebook sells your friends (and blurs line between conversation and ads) thesocialnetwork #BusinessWeek

Social Media Metrics: SMmetrics (@chrisbrogan) via @Nichole_Kelly

Weak ties — “Why the revolution will not be tweeted” tweeting the revolution RT @GeorgeDearing from Malcolm Gladwell

Don’t worry about Google, fear FB! R.I.P. 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website watch out for the social network via @nowsourcing

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1 Response to Innovation – week in review: October 2, 2010

  1. It seems obvious that imposing structured measurement methodology, designed to improve repetitive processes, to manage creative activities would not be a good idea. Innovation thrives on lateral thinking, antithesis of six sigma IMHO.

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