Steps to NSD Success

Customer-centric research methods one of Eight Steps

In Jan ’05 Fast Company converted a conversation with the principals of Peer Insight into eight steps to service innovation success.

Here are the five that most resonate with the themes in this blog:

  1. Create a clear challenge statement, expressed in terms of a customer need, not a business need, that focuses on the “white space.”
  2. Emphasize developing concepts that combine multiple elements of innovation (from your business model and IT platform to the channel) to increase the impact and distinctiveness of the idea.
  3. Employ a design that is guided by a base behavioral model of the customer’s underlying needs.
  4. Use customer-centric analytical tools to measure the customer experience.
  5. Make creative use of tangible artifacts to reinforced a distinctive experience.

The original blog entry is here: (Peer Insight is a consulting link on the right.)

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