My First Webinar

 Thanks ABA!
I did a web-based seminar for the first time yesterday.
187 bankers from the American Bankers Association participated in a discussion of the 2007 Bank New Service Development Survey, which was done with the cooperation of the ABA. Webex without open communication was a very strange way to communicate with the bankers. I have given many talks at industry or academic conferences — Euromoney, Product Development & Management Association, etc., and I lecture undergraduates three times a week. Lack of eye contact makes webex so much different.

 It was strange to sit in my home office — and see deer and turkeys out the window – and know that I was talking to almost 200 bankers. I worried about not being able to communicate 1 to 1, but there were 29 email questions — better than participation in most of my classes at the university!

 I think innovation is an important topic to bankers…


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3 Responses to My First Webinar

  1. pabanker says:

    Good presentation. I am the only person in my bank focused on new products. It is good to have a blog or forum. I hope this catches on.

  2. gschirr says:

    Thanks. I will be promoting it…

  3. ffinnovation says:

    Thanks for facilitating such a great presentation. Your survey data, coupled with Shelley’s first-hand insight, was valuable to hear.

    Like pabanker stated, I this catches on to allow for greater communication among industry peers involved in NSD. I’m happy to share any resources I have (

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