Innovation Weekly Summary – Nov 6

Friday question:  Is #EMPOWERING (e.g. #servant) #leadership necessary for optimal innovation?

This question generated NO comments – a Friday question first! Traffic to my blog was also about half of usual levels… so I guess it did not generate a lot of interest. The issue of proper leadership is important for organizational innovation. I know that many people find Servant Leadership off-putting because of presumed ties to Christianity, but I believe the moral theme is actually more universal…in any case take a look at the next posting if you are interested!

Posts/articles of interest this week

Interesting and timely! RT @Political neuromarketing: a field in its infancy, but growing in popularity Neuromarketing RT @Jabaldaia

My review of the Open Innovation Revolution by Stefan @Lindegaard OpenInn  

Can a Map Prevent the Next Financial Crisis? @geodatapolicy MappingRisk RT @soramaki

Beyond paid media: Marketing’s new vocabulary Vocabulary via @VasilyKomarov

Open Innovation and Open Source: What They Share and How They Differ  OpenVsOpen via ellenfweber RT @Jabaldaia RT @lindegaard

What’s important: in a (consumer) value theory of #innovation — Value (via @timkastelle) RT @ralph_ohr

 The Future of Innovation – Time to predict and time to design FutureInn RT @Jabaldaia

Social Media Marketing

Will Twitter’s new ad model work for marketers? MonetizingTwit via @jbhester

LinkedIn’s new company pages Linkedin via @Econsultancy @TomPick @ckburgess

Truly scary! – A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name ForgetPrivacy

The Oscar of @B2BTOTY #B2B Twitter of the Year Awards’ Needs Your Vote VoteEarlyNOften by @ckburgess #sm

Wow MSM goes all digital! The US News And World Report Announcement KickingNScreaming   RT @rachelakay @Kelseyproud

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