This week in Innovation – October 9, 2010

This Friday I referred back to an article I originally wrote for the inaugural issue of SMM Magazine. Friday Innovation question: Will Social Media take a lead role in innovation? How? SMM Innovation

The question generated a lot of affirmative responses. Some interesting replies included:

I agree here’s an example of an “idea” SMMMIdea from @bernadmartin

@copywriter4u Yes it can. Enterprise 2.0 and social tools behind the firewall are enabling innovation, which should benefit customers.

@CMEGroup We’re doing this with our Idea Exchange… Idea exchange blog CME Blog Idea exchange site CME Idea EX

Student excuses – there was an interesting discussion on student excuses this week which is the subject of the following posting  ( or Excuses  )

Innovation articles or postings of interest this week:

‘What Is Creativity’s Value–In Marketing, In Biz?’ Creativity Value Is CREATIVITY depreciated or simply misunderstood? @Forbes (via ckburgess)

Collaborative Consumption is not a niche trend, CollabCons via @fredzimny RT @rachelbotsman: Harvard Business

Go Barbarians! Who is likely to innovate? – Romans, Barbarians, and innovation. Barbarians RT @scottvandam

Crowdsourcing and/or Co-creation

What is in it for the creatives? The Unbalanced Benefits of Crowdsourcing Unbalanced RT @lisosa @innovate

Innovation in Education  

Murdoch on Ed reform: If Schools Were Like ‘American Idol’ . . . If FOX ran our schools  #WSJ

SM in schools – I am a skeptic but… Case For SM:SM in ED (via @Tina_Barr @mashable) RT @ashleydburleson

Social Media Marketing

Eric Schmidt: Google gets close to ‘the creepy line’ – (blog) Not evil but creepy @pingmicro

Not 500 million but not bad! LinkedIn Now has 60mm users 60 MM RT @CreativeMarketg

13 questions about social media and thought leadership SM n Thought RT @smmguide: RT @prweb: @ConversationAge @tempting_link

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