How to profit from REALLY poor #service!

Last Friday my wife and I drove 2.5 hours to Charleston, WV, in order to purchase a 5-year pre-check pass from the TSA for $85 each. Most sites have a waiting time of a month for an appointment to buy the pre-check. There are three clear benefits from the pass:

  1. Skip the “TSA Strip Tease.” You know the dance: remove your shoes, jacket, sweater, belt, wallet, phone, change, etc. Hold up your arms and see if your trousers stay in place. (All without accompanying music!)
  2. Leave your computers, electrical gear, and shampoo in your carry-on case.
  3. Clear security faster.


The TSA collects $17 per year from each participant PLUS costs go down since not everyone goes through the same torture process. A true Win-win for the TSA!

I was wondering if other notorious bad service providers have similar profit opportunities…

How much would you pay annually to:

  • Verizon DSL to have your calls answered by someone fluent in English?
  • Xfinity or Comcast to have your calls taken initially by a “manager,” instead of someone at the end of an hour empowered only to ultimately say “I am sorry” or “would you like to talk to a manager?”
  • Tech support to skip the initial party who knows only to suggest turning your computer off-and-on and then to transfer your call to someone useful?

Other suggestions for candidates or ways to profit from poor service???



Service Innovation was published in May by Business Expert Press

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