Global Innovation Tournament at RU

The entrepreneurship area at Stanford sponsors the GIT annually. Radford decided to participate this year. I was on the committee to run the event and it was the best “service” function I am involved in — beats the daylights out of faculty senate…

Student teams get a question of social significance and have 8 days to demonstrate a solution on youtube. This years question was given that the low savings rate in nations such as the US may have contributed to the global economic collapse (no Keynesians at Stanford…) how can we make saving fun?

The winners at Radford are listed below – look at some of them!

RU Winner Category YouTube URL for Viewing
Overall Independent Winner
Overall Club Winner (Humor)
Fun Winner
Humor Winner
Green Winner
Ambitious Winner
Out of the Box Winner
Creative Winner
Impact Winner
Value Created
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2 Responses to Global Innovation Tournament at RU

  1. Hi Gary

    Thanks for connecting on Twitter. The Global Innovation Tournament sounds like a fantastic initiative. Is it open to students from all universities around the world, or only those in the US? The reason I ask is that we run, a social network for MBA alumni, current students and faculty from all business schools worldwide. If the GIT is truly global, I’d like to encourage our members to enter the next GIT events. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. gschirr says:

    Yes it is truly Global. Check out the mix of winners for both last year and this!

    I think it would be good to publicize!


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